Friday, February 19, 2010

Saint-André de Kamouraska

Even those with only just a passing familiarity with iconography will immediately see that the guy in the picture to the right  is Saint Andrew, who, is the patron saint of this blog. The big giveaway is the cross in the shape of an X that the saint is about to be crucified upon. I like that he is wearing pink and green and hereby pronounce him the patron saint of all unrepentant preppies.

The painting is from behind the main altar at Saint-André de Kamouraska. This church—found on the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River in the town of Saint-André—is one of the most beautiful churches in Quebec. Visit it if you can.

There is a shot of the exterior here. There is a panorama view of the interior here. Note; this link will play music.

It's neoclassical inside. The style was one of the good things (and there were some) that came with the conquest. For reasons that would take a while to explain, this church has been preserved in something very near to its original form and is rare and unusual treasure. There are a number of gorgeous churches on the south shore (two others worth mentioning are Saint-Jean Port Joli and Notre Dame du Portage) but this is greatest jewel in the collection.

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