Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On the subject of being seduced ...

UPDATE: Rereading this one, I am not very happy with it. I have added a couple of sentences to make some logical connections I left out. I still think it needs more work but there you go—what's a blog for if not a place to put down half-baked thoughts.

Brett Easton Ellis wants to write the screen play for the movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey.
“I’m putting myself out there to write the movie adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” he wrote. “Hope EL James doesn’t think I’m being a prankster. I really want to adapt her novels for the screen. Christian Grey is a writer's dream …”
The ellipsis is in the original by the way. He doesn't say why Grey is a writer's dream and he feels he shouldn't have to because he has been seduced. Ellis feels about Christian Grey the way the millions of women who have gotten their rocks off while thinking about him do.

What I mean by that is Grey is a character Ellis wants to know intimately. He wants to get inside the guy the way writers do with characters, which is different from imagining you are him. And that is also a key part of wanting to be seduced: you don't just want to be conquered, you want to be able to imagine what the person conquering you is feeling. You don't want to be the conqueror, that would rob it off all the magic, but you need to see that look in his eyes just before he wins and, well.

But will it work? One of the keys to writing good porn is that it is incomplete. It leaves lots of room for the person who wants to lose to manœuver themselves into a position where they can lose. If Ellis gives us too much of what seduces him about Christian Grey, we'll be stuck with someone who can't seduce other people nearly so well.

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