Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moral philosophy quiz answers (4)

Okay, I surprised myself with this one:
4. SOCIETAL INFLUENCE Must a person be coerced/ influenced at some level by societal powers in order to live morally/virtuously?
    a) Yes, people will be good only when ruling forces of society use the power of force to make them be as such.
    b) Yes, people will try to be good when they have knowledge of the virtuous life, but societal guidance and reinforcement (sometimes forceful) is necessary.
   c) Sort of, society doesn't have to coerce a person to find morality, but the interest/rights of others in society must conveyed to a person in order for that person to determine right from wrong.
    d) No, society should be not be an influence on a person when one is trying to find virtue.
    e) No, society must be physically abandoned in all its forms in order to find virtue.
    f) Doesn't matter/Dislike all answer choices
      What priority do you place on your selection above? High    Medium    Low  
If someone had confronted me  with this answer in isolation I might well have disagreed with it. If they had asked me any time before my thirtieth birthday, I would have disagreed. But, again, my life experience tells me that we have to be taught virtue. And we have to be taught in an authoritative manner.

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