Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Speaking of divine judgment ...

We just had an earthquake. A long, long one. By our standards anyway.

Longest one I've ever been through. Mild enough but it just kept going, which was kind of spooky. No new reporting on it yet.


  1. That must be horrifying. We've had them here in CT but they've been so small most people never noticed them. I'll check the news tonight.

  2. Nothing to worry about. The power went out in a couple of areas and there were were some broken windows on downtown buildings and one school somewhere in the city had its wall crack.

    I'll you though, there is a moment when you think, "Is this the time that something I usually only read about happening to other people in the news happens to me?"

    Which says a lot about how exceptionally fortunate I have been.

  3. I hear you. We've had some extreme weather in the US this past year, tornados, floods, blizzards, everywhere but here in New England. We got next to no snow this past winter, while my sister and some friends in the mid-Atlantic states--Delaware, Philadelphia, Washington DC--got 60 in, very atypical. I keep wondering when we're gonna get hit with something. Thank God everything's ok up by you.

  4. I heard on the news this morning that tremors from the Ontario-Quebec quake were felt here in CT, north and east of where I live.