Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A post for a certain member

The Serpentine One and I both like editor's jokes. What's an editor's joke? Well, here is an example from Three Men in a Boat.
For the next four days he lived a simple and blameless life on thin captains biscuits (I mean that the biscuits were thin, not the captain) and soda water ...
It's a recurring problem in the English language. When I  was teen, I saw a truck belonging to a company that dealt in "edible oil products" and was horrified at the thought that someone was making edible products from petroleum instead of seeing that the products were made with edible oils. Similarly, a lazy CBC news reader once read the results of the "Avon Ladies' Marathon" with an emphasis that suggested a competition for Avon Ladies.

Anyway, perhaps you can  imagine my joy on reading Instapundit yesterday and finding this heading:
Important Penis News
I immediately thought, is it important news about penises or is it news about an important penis.

It was the latter as it turns out. That is if you consider Tutankhamen's penis to be important. Well, I'm sure he thought so and I hope Mrs. Tutankhamen felt likewise.

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