Thursday, June 13, 2013

Speaking of "unmediated" lives ...

... this post by Ann Althouse is your must read for today:
The destruction of marriage is set to resume as soon as same-sex marriage becomes the law. We've been pretending that the traditional institution is soooo important that it's terrible to exclude gay people. But you can see the anti-traditionalists itching to move forward — ever forward — with the new!
Read the whole thing. Note, as you do, that Althouse makes her argument for marriage in terms of the value that the stay-at-home spouse contributes. That's true enough, but what of the moral consequences of being mediated by your immediate family? (And husband and wife is as immediate as immediate gets.) What happens to a society when you take that out? Even in the best of cases, you can't change just one thing and this is one very, very important thing. It's not crazy to think that this could mean the end of our culture.

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