Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mad Men season six final episode: predictions

My main predictions are that no one dies and Don and Megan split up.

The reason is that she has become a child and that bores him. Don needs a woman who challenges him and not a woman who needs him to launch her fantasy-princess career, as she had become by the end of last season.

Caveat: I'll cheerfully admit that I identify with Don Draper (and Bob Benson for that matter) and that tends to colour how I see things. Like most people, my prediction is also my hope. To my mind, Megan ceased to be worthy of the man by the end of last season and that is what i see driving his discontent so that is how I would write it. I hate the whole Freudian aspect that Matt Weiner has put such heavy emphasis on this year and suspect that is what has ruined the show.

Still, I can't give up hope. Dump Megan! You can do it Don.

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