Saturday, June 22, 2013

A little do-it-yourself image analysis

If you go to this link, you will land on a collection of photos that are entries in a National Geographic contest. The first photo in the list is labelled, "a couple paddle out for a sunset surf in the coastal surfing town of Byron Bay". Both are backlit by the setting sun so all you see are silhouettes. You might say they are reduced to essentials.

Now look at the man and look at the woman, you can tell that they are man and woman, and ask yourself, "What messages does this image convey about these two people respectively speaking?"

Take your time. Not that you'll need it. There is a message her body conveys that his doesn't. It's not that his body is incapable of conveying this message but rather that hers will always convey this message whereas his will only do so under highly specific conditions.

Here is a musical clue:

Play it loud. The more noise, the easier it is to understand. There is no avoiding this, it's a basic fact of life.

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