Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What lying hypocrites look like Pt2


  1. I'm stunned. Unbelievably disgusting. Growing up, I knew nothing about Catholicism, but I had a respect for it anyway precisely because of s*** like this--Catholics had to put up with the same sort of vileness we Moromons did. My respect just got another boost.

    I've been rooting for Romney in the sport that is US politics, but I have to say I'm afraid to see the filth that will come out of the liberal press if he succeeds in becoming the guy to take on Obama. I really do. (I got just the smallest taste of it ahead of super tuesday.) If it is acceptable to behave this way towards Catholics...

    1. I share your fears about the upcoming campaign. It's forgotten now but last election even Hillary Clinton was given a rough ride for daring to oppose "the one". This time it will be far worse if what we have seen so far is anything to go by.

      I am also (reluctantly) rooting for Romney. Nothing inspires me about politics these days and I see all sorts of bad omens.

      On the other hand, I see some good omens too. Every generation has to learn the hard lessons and today's younger voters seem to be learning. The problem is not that Obama was a bad choice but that the frenzied atmosphere of idealism that accompanied the last US election is a bad political culture. No matter who gets elected this time, it will be a more sober choice.