Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some search strings that pulled people in yesterday

Looking at the stats, I see that someone is doing some relatively serious web searching regarding me and this blog. I wonder why?

Once I got over my paranoia about that, I also glanced that the search strings pulling people in.Some of these are really intriguing. This one for example:
i couldn't sleep at night tied to all those things
What in heaven's name caused someone to Google that? Turns out it's a line of dialogue form Mad Men.

And then there was this:
is not going to mass worse than masturbation
If the person who Googled that arrives here, the answer is yes, not going to mass is worse than masturbation.  There are thousand of things worse than masturbation.

The more important thing to grasp here is not what is bad but what is good. Going to mass is very, very good. As a Catholic Christian, the most important thing in your life is to maintain a relationship with God and you do that by praying and the most important form of prayer in your life is going to mass. Willingly not going to mass is a serious sin. It's about as direct a rejection of God and his goodness as you can make.  Don't do it and if you did do it, go to confession.

The old slogan here is lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi which means (roughly) the law of prayer then the law of belief then the law of living. This slogan reminds us that the foundation of our faith is that we should pray correctly, our  creed grows out of that prayer and our morality grows out of that creed. Willfully missing mass is to willfully get the most fundamental thing in life wrong.

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