Thursday, March 8, 2012

Manly Thor's Day Special: Woke up with nothing to say

It's just one of those days.

A few tidbits.

An interesting use of language
There was a guy guy from the neighbourhood on the bus the other day reading an e-book. A friend of his gets on the bus and after a few minutes gestures at the book and says, "What are you reading."

The first guy replies, "A book about fairies." Seeing the look that appears on his friend's face, he quickly qualifies that by saying, "No, no, I mean real ones."

Which is odd because he said "real ones" to make it clear he was talking about imaginary beings.

And it's also odd because it isn't odd. By which I mean, it makes perfect sense. We know exactly what he means. This odd language is perfectly normal.

Relationship advice for losers
On the same trip, a woman had a phone conversation with a friend which the entire bus could hear. She was giving relationship advice and she wrapped it up with this nugget of wisdom:
"He may decide that he wants you but Sandra talks him out of it because she is so persuasive and insistent."
In other words, you're my friend but Sandra has it all over you.

Final tidbit
The sign in the store window quotes Cicero as saying,
A man with a garden and a library wants for nothing.
And I thought, except for sex maybe. Actually, I thought it in rather cruder terms than that.

Both gardens and libraries have long been associated with sex, especially gardens. If you are actually going to have sex, instead of just fantasizing about it, I recommend the library.

All for now.

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