Saturday, December 22, 2012

What she said


  1. I didn't know that people without some form of mental illness--even if only transitory--killed themselves. I don't think I can take what Ann Althouse says seriously anymore. If she has a backstory about this she should share it, or not say anything. I'm sure her words brought the people whose love ones committed suicide great comfort. Jeez.

    1. It's popular nowadays to imagine that all suicides suffer from mental illness. Some do, of course, but there is no evidence to suggest all or even the majority do.

  2. And there's no evidence to suggest that all or even the majority do not suffer from mental illness either. Once the deed is done it isn't possible to get a diagnosis. So, I wonder what the reasoning in their rational minds might be then for taking their own lives, in other words is taking one's own life ever a rational decision?