Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Down time

I've been without Internet since about eleven last night, hence no posting.

Just a short thought today, torn from today's headlines:
Emmy-winning TV news producer William “Howie” Masters III — son of the famous Masters and Johnson sex researcher — glumly pleaded guilty yesterday to masturbating in front of parkgoers last May.
Let's flash it back to September:
William H. Masters III — son of the Masters and Johnson sex researcher — who was busted Saturday for allegedly exposing himself to two female undercover cops while kayaking in Michigan, was also arrested last May on charges of masturbating in Central Park, The Post has learned.

Michigan authorities said they plan on showing photos of the Emmy-winning TV news producer, who’s known as “Howie,” to other women to see if he’s the same flasher who whipped it out in prior incidents near his family’s ritzy vacation home on Lake Huron.
There is something especially pathetic about this one. This guy had it all and he threw it away for what must be the tawdriest, most humiliating crime imaginable. And even getting arrested once was not enough to stop him. Five months later he was caught again. And there are almost certainly other incidents where he got away with it. Probably a whole lot of such incidents.

The first question to cross my mind was, Did his upbringing have anything to do with it?

The second question is, "Did he have no self control at all?"  He's married to a beautiful woman. He's rich enough that he could have affairs and get away with it. What possessed him to do the sprt of thing that, I'll be blunt, complete losers with no social skills and who often have mental problems do?

Or could it be that the incredible freedoms and power and access he had is what assisted his downfall. Perhaps he lived his entire life never being told that he couldn't do somethings because it was simply wrong to do those things.

This is a cute little detail, thanks to the wonders of YouTube, you can watch Mr. Masters and family members and guests walking on the beach back in 2007. I won't post it here but you shouldn't have any trouble finding it if you want to see it.


  1. Well, this is pathetic. I'm not excusing his behavior but while his parents were out becoming famous building their brilliant careers, who was taking care of him and watching what he was doing? Several years ago Law & Order Criminal Intent did an episode with many of the same features of this story. Physician heal thyself seems like an appropriate response.

  2. Probably he could only enjoy himself with a woman who didn't consent. So his wife, a mistress, it wouldn't be the same.

    More insight here:

    Warning: very disturbing to read.

  3. This is interesting, I didn't realize there were websites people with this tendency could go to, not to get help but get tips on how to reinforce this type of behavior. Its not only a crime but a bona fide psychiatric disorder (DSM-IV), whether it should be either can be argued I suppose.

  4. A few thoughts.

    1) Guys who do this sort of thing are usually complete losers. They have poor social skills, low socio-economic status and no successful relationships with members of the opposite sex. Masters doesn't seem to fit that mold.

    2) It never occurred to me to think Masters was neglected by his famous parents. The thought that struck me is, What is it like to be raised by parents who think of sex in clinical terms, as a human phenomenon to be studied in all its guises as opposed to as love?

    3) There are a lot of websites for weirdos on the net. Anyone who was around in the early days of Usenet will remember that discussion groups for voyeurs, underwear fetishists, pantyhose fetishists, guys with a thing about Asian women were among the very first discussion groups to form. They all had the same unintended consequence which was that the guys taking part always quickly exposed themselves as really pathetic losers.

  5. Some of your points are well-taken, but keep in mind that it is the media that portray exhibitionists as complete losers. In fact, they run the gamut from low-socioeconomic status to the higher echelons. You would be amazed at some of the fetishes of the "people at the top." The only difference between them and the so-called losers is that they have the money to conceal it, do it in such a way that they won't get caught, or if they are caught buy their way out of it. The junkets to the Far East that wealthy married businessmen take so that they can have sex with underage boys and girls is a good example of this, or the men obviously with money who pay to have their behinds beaten red by dominatrices. And let's not forget Michael Jackson's alleged payoffs to parents of kids he had allegedly molested so they would keep quiet. I had a friend in college, came from a good family and had girlfriends one of whom he ultimately married and is still married to. He liked to walk around outdoors on campus on a warm day with his shirt tails outside of his pants so that he could unzip and take it out and see if anyone noticed. So it would be a big mistake to believe that the only people who do these kinds of things are of low socio-economic status, have poor social skills and unsuccessful relationships with the opposite sex, they're only the ones who get caught.
    Masters would have been neglected by his parents if they weren't able to separate their clinical work from their role as parents preparing their child for the real world. If he was taught to see sex only in clinical terms--in its pure form so to speak--and separate from love, then they did him a real disservice.