Thursday, December 20, 2012

The new champion

For a long, long time, the most popular post I had ever written was a write up on an episode of Mad Men called "The Summer Man". It won't keep that status for much longer though. Another post I wrote responding to a silly attitude towards social security has been steadily gaining on it and will pass it to become number one on the hit parade sometime today.

By the way, the blog periodically passes thresholds that cause search engines and blog monitoring sites to pay more attention. I have never, as I've said before done a single thing to promote this blog. I just wrote it and people found it and the number of people who read it has steadily increased. It's still small beer and I rather like that. That said, it's going to cross into a higher bracket real soon and that will bring all sorts of attention, most of it probably unwelcome. Note to readers: we can expect a lot more trolls in the new year.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on the thhreshold & thanks for the warning about the impending troll invasion.

    If I bashed out some words about why I read your blog daily or what I think its effects have been I would certainly just embarrass us both, so I'll just say 'Thanks'. You've been good for me, and I'm glad you do this.