Thursday, July 12, 2012

Smooth song of the day #3 and #4 for 2012

Two songs from the Fleetwoods

Come softly to me

There is a lesson here about being too cute. The song was originally just called "Come Softly Darling". Maybe they thought the grown ups wouldn't notice.

The thing is, it's better with the new, cleaner, title the adults insisted on. This way, when your seventeen or whatever and you figure it out, you think you're the only one.

(By the way, the #1 hits of 1959 had "Venus" immediately followed by "Come Softly to Me" which, in turn, was followed by "The Happy Organ" which is worth a snicker.)

Mr. Blue

There is a lesson that goes with this one too. It's right here:
I'm Mr. Blue
When you say you love me
Then prove it by going out on the sly,
Proving your love isn't true.
That couplet with prove-proving is just so awful. And it would have been so easy to fix! But they didn't.

And aren't you glad I pointed it out to you so you can hear it every time you listen to this song now? You're welcome.

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