Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The opposite of smooth songs of summer #1

I think I'll do one of these weekly.

Did you have a record that saved you back in your teenage years when puberty and high school had so upset things that sometimes you just couldn't deal with anything anymore? I did. It  was called Let It Bleed. This is the cover:

That image is courtesy of Wikipedia. In one of those actually-true-even-though-it-sounds-too-good-to-be-true details, the cake was baked by a not-yet-famous Delia Smith. I don't know that I'd like it if I was just discovering it now but the adolescent me got through puberty, being bullied, humiliating failure, my first break up and every other should-have-been crushing moment between my thirteenth and nineteenth years thanks to this record.

Anyway, this is a remix of one of the tunes by a guys who specializes "industrial house"or some such thing. I need a very fast car so I can listen to this while driving way too fast barrelling down the Pacific Coast Highway in the rain.

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