Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Smooth song of summer #1 for 2012

Here is the first entry for the summer of 2012.

This became a hit the year I was thirteen and it was inescapable on the radio. Some people get nostalgic for Top Forty radio now that it is gone but it killed a lot of music. I remember driving through Montreal with my father trying to avoid this tune. I pushed five preset buttons in a row and got this song every time. It didn't matter how good a tune was, you'd hate it by the time Top Forty radio was finished with it.

It wasn't until the year I was nineteen and I heard it played that I realized how wonderful it is. As i've aid before, songs like this get dismissed because they are so easy to enjoy. Not easy to do. One heck of a lot of talent goes into a performance like this. You don't have to listen carefully but you'll notice, if you do, that the lyrics are beautifully crafted, that the arrangement, the harmonies are perfect.

To steal a line from Charles Ryder, it's like drowning in honey, stingless.

Harmony, is there anything it can't do?

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