Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oh! ....

I'm in town for the day and Ms. Althouse issued a challenge:
What songs do you have in your iTunes that begin with "Oh"? Don't add or subtract anything.
Her list is here.

Now for mine:
  1. Oh Baby Mine (I Get So Lonely) by Guy Lombardo (featuring Bing Crosby) 
  2. Oh I Baby by Bud Freeman
  3. Oh Peter! (You're So Nice) Billy Banks/Jack Bland
  4. Oh Susanna by Wendell Hall
  5. Oh You Crazy Moon by Mel Tormé
  6. Oh, Lady Be Good by Count Basie and his orchestra
  7. Oh, Lady Be Good by The Gordons, Dizzy Gillespie & Stuff Smith
  8. Oh, Lady Be Good by the New York Philharmonic & Zubin Mehta
  9. Oh, Lady Be Good! by Fred Astaire
  10. Oh, Look At Me Now! by Lee Wiley 
  11. Oh, Miss Hannah by The Paul Whiteman Orchestra (featuring Bix Beiderbecke & Bing Crosby)
  12. Oh, You Crazy Moon by Billy Eckstine & Russ Case Orchestra
  13. Oh! Don't The Winds Blow Cold by George Formby
  14. Oh! Red by Count Basie and his orchestra
  15. Oh! Susanna by James Hill & Anne Davison 
  16.  Oh! What It Seemed To Be by Jackie Gleason (featuring Bobby Hackett)
  17. Oh! You Sweet Thing by Billy Banks/Jack Bland
Ms. Althouse was born at the beginning of 1950s and I was born at the end. I find it interesting that only two of my Oh-songs were recorded after I was born, and both are new versions of older songs. Ms. Althouse's list features only one song recorded before she was born.  And that is significant why? I don't know, I just found it striking.

If pushed, I'd say it might suggest something about the difference in tendencies of those born towards the beginning and those born towards the end of the baby boom. I might expand on that someday.

I'm driving back out of internet and cell phone range tomorrow.

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