Monday, September 9, 2013

A little light culture: Twerking the blurred lines

I suspect that from goldfish swallowing in the 1930s to planking in the 2000s, most fads tend to happen more in media coverage than they do in real life. And, as I've said before, ask a young person about any outrageous new behaviour you can make up and he or she will insist that they personally don't do it but they know lots of others that do.

Given that, I was a little surprised to be at a wedding a few days ago and see young women actually twerking. Apparently this one's real. To twerk, you plant your feet a little wider than shoulder width, squat and wiggle around in a sexually suggestive manner. You can really only do it if you're a woman and a relatively fit woman at that.

It's a lot easier to understand the phenomenon when you see it in person. It's much sexier in real life than it is in video. This is largely because it's done in a more restrained manner. It's really just a  dance move that a girl can slip into for a few moments. In real life it's not done by the sort of pathetic exhibitionists who put You Tube videos and that makes it much sexier.

That's generally true, by the way. Overt sluttiness may work on television but it doesn't in real life.

Anyway, to get back to the point, it makes a whole lot of sense and is much less shocking than you might be led to believe by media reports when you see it for real.

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