Thursday, August 12, 2010

While I'm at it ...

... I should also note that my experiences with evangelical protestants and cultural conservatives have been overwhelmingly positive. I obviously disagree about a lot of things but I have found that if you treat them and their views with respect while disagreeing with them they will treat you very well. I think our society is a (much) better society for their presence.

I wish I could say that liberals I have known have been respectful in their disagreement with evangelical protestants and cultural conservatives but I cannot. In fact, I have to say that the outpouring of bigotry and hatred towards these groups I have seen from liberals I know is one of the things poisoning our society.

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  1. I think the poison is coming from the fringe elements on both sides. From what I hear on the talk shows, many liberals felt that they or some of them--even The President--were being too passive in not responding to the daily onslaughts from Rush Limbaugh et al, and needed to fight fire with fire. As I see it that has only served to polarize our society even more. But I think this is the inevitable result of people believing that they are absolutely right and those who disagree with them are absolutely wrong, and that exists on both sides. Until people can begin to at least try to look at issues from others' points of view, this is not going to change and there can be no compromise.