Monday, August 9, 2010

Tiger Woods and Don Draper

It struck me while reading pieces like this and this, that Tiger Woods situation is somewhat analogous to what we are seeing with Don Draper this season. Both men are out of marriages because of their past behaviours. Neither seems to have been all that happy in their marriages but fought to try and save them when the ugly truth came out.

And, most importantly, both seem to be falling apart.

So, why? I'd put up a poll if I had more readers but I don't need to because Ann Althouse, who has lots of readers, has. Scroll down to the poll and vote. I voted with the majority which either proves that a lot of people still think of morality in Aristotelian terms or that people who read Ann Althouse do.

Anyway, the leading option is the way I think Mad Men should work this out. If I were writing the show Don would rediscover that ideal and triumph. Don himself seems committed to option one for the time being.

BTW: The next episode downloaded automatically early this morning but I have not seen it yet. I'll post tomorrow. In the meantime, don't tell me anything please.

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  1. I chose the third option--being regarded as an icon of excellence which he fed on since childhood, which the majority chose as of a minute ago. So, I don't think that really applies to Don Draper. I agree that DD is at Option 1 right now, but I think eventually he'll get to Option 2. I won't say anything about Episode 3.