Sunday, February 25, 2018

No, that doesn't sound like narcissism at all

The person who wrote this meant to praise the people he was writing about.
Millennials want to buy products from brands that uphold their own ideal self-image, and this often means aligning oneself with issues and causes that matter to them. This goes from proudly posting a selfie while wearing Patagonia outerwear to carrying The New Yorker totes that are taking over NYC streets and subway platforms. Millennials want people to see them and immediately know what they care about.
You could reasonably ask whether this is a fair portrayal of millenials. What you can't deny is that a whole lot of left-leaning people are encouraging young people to act this way. 

The best part? That the article in question is called "Your Brand Needs a Conscience". Seriously, on what planet does buying "products from brands that uphold their own ideal self-image" qualify as having a moral conscience?

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