Friday, March 1, 2013

Seems right to me

This showed up in a group I subscribe to on Facebook:
 ... he shrunk more and more from the realities of life and above all from the society of his day which he regarded with an ever growing horror—a detestation which had reacted strongly on his literary and artistic tastes; he refused, as far as possible, to have anything to do with pictures and books whose subjects were in any way connected with modern existence.” 
― Joris-Karl Huysmans, Against Nature


  1. Ever heard of "Journey by Moonlight" by Antal Szerb? I'm crazy about this novel, though I'm not sure if you'd like it--its vision of bourgeois life is not so positive, I guess it's more in the romantic/decadent vein.

    1. No I hadn't heard of it. Of course, I Googled it as soon as I read your comment. Others share your view of it.

      I'll look it up. I'm not as fond of romantic/decadent as I used to be but in certain moods I can still lap it up.