Monday, April 16, 2012

More "Girls"

The show is online now so you can watch it and I did.

Verdict: the show is pretty good the girls themselves are not. They are three complete losers you wouldn't want to touch with a pole of any length should you have one handy. They are narcissistic, selfish, stupid, clearly lousy at sex and failures.

And one relatively sane girl whom you would think would be able to find better friends than this.

And yet the guys and girls at Slate think it's realistic and worth discussing. Apparently, they deserve one another.

Of the various Slate reviewers, only Julia Turner comes close to the truth:
I think the big question—is whether America at large will relate to this portrayal of a New York microcosm that's less glamorous than the one SATC (or even Friends) put forth.
Another way to think about is that America at large has bought New York when they were given highly unrealistic portrayals of it. What idiot would think we'd be interested in this nonsense.

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