Thursday, January 25, 2018

What is this image selling?

I haven't done one of these for a while.

I'll start by admitting that I'm not entirely certain how this one is supposed to work

What I am certain of is that it's a sexually charged image. It's selling sex. It's selling sex to men who feel powerless.

But there's a problem. Is it supposed to be selling sex to men who feel powerless and want to change that? If that's the goal, they picked the wrong image.

To see why, let me remind you of something you already know.

That's a detail from an ad selling lingerie.

That's another

Yup, another detail from a lingerie ad.

I'll mix it up with a detail from a nineteenth century painting. She's standing by the piano. The painting is composed so that you feel like you've just walked into the room and she turned and gave you that look.

Another 19th century painting.

That one is selling a dressing gown.

 Erotic images of women feature three, and only three, facial expressions. There are warm, friendly faces that signal a woman who is easy to approach. There are slightly dazed looks that signal a woman who is sexually aroused. And there is the hard, challenging look:

This is the same model as the third from the top only she has a done her hair differently. She is literally looking down at you.

As is the model in the ad at the top.

I know what they were trying to do. The ad is promoting a service to help you get out of debt. The idea was to reach out to guys who feel inadequate because they are unable to pay their bills. It's a good concept but that is the wrong image to sell the idea. No man ever regretted a woman looking at him like that.

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