Friday, October 4, 2013

A little light culture: Possible Farrow- Sinatra love child

For years now there have been stories around about how badly Frank Sinatra treated Mia Farrow. He humiliated her, hurt her, treated her like a child.

It's entirely possible that every one of those stories are true. According to some reports he once said cruel things on stage about her while she was in the audience. Perhaps that is true.

Anyway, did you catch the story that she told Vanity Fair that one of her sons (not coincidentally, the only one she was believed to have fathered with Woody Allen) might actually be Frank Sinatra's son? I have just been peering at Allen's Wikipedia page and I think that the young man in question would be Allen's only biological child, if he is his biological child, all of which suggests one possible (and cruel) motive for Mia Farrow to be saying this.

The New York Post has a picture of the son up beside a very young Frank this is obviously meant to discourage us from believing the story. You think, it couldn't be, their facial  structure is completely different. But, you know, pick another photo of Frank and, suddenly, their facial structure is very similar. In fact, if you compare the young man on page 6 with at the photo of Frank from the cover of his Greatest Hits record and there is a creditable resemblance.

One thing is for sure, he doesn't look even remotely like Woody Allen.

Whatever we conclude (I'm leaning towards believing it myself), the inescapable fact is that Farrow and Sinatra continued being lovers and then friends long after he "humiliated" her. There is no snark in the scare quotes in the previous sentence. All I mean to establish is that the facts are not proven.

It's not beyond the realm of possibility that Woody Allen knew of Farrow's ongoing love affair with Sinatra or even that it played some part in Farrow's appeal for him.

The young man in question is, according the Page 6, brushing it off with humour. In fact he tweeted: Listen, we’re all *possibly* Frank Sinatra’s son". We could all also "possibly" be Boris Yeltsin's sons as well I suppose but it kind of changes the story that his mother and Sinatra had sex and my mother and Sinatra did not.

What's going on here is a non-denial denial.

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  1. I tend to believe the story. The pic I saw of the boy bears more of a resemblance--and not unremarkable--to Sinatra and his daughter Tina than to Woody Allen. Mia and Frank remained friends until his death, and he continued to support her. Mia was at Sinatra's funeral, Nancy and Mia have remained close over the years, has visited Mia here in CT, and even issued a non-denial statement about the Vanity Fair article. I think Sinatra is probably the father, it all adds up.