Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another image, what is it selling

This is a sad one.

That's from an ad that kept popping up everywhere I went for a while. The short answer is that it's selling software that, I think, manages online help services for corporate customers. The obvious question, then, is "What does a young woman in an orange tank top and no bra with a tattoo that she likes men over fifty years of age have to do with the product?"

Your guess is as good as mine.

Now, everyone knows that there is a company that uses blatant sexual ads to promote internet-domain-name sales so why can't these people do the same? Well, no reason, really. It's their advertising budget so they can waste it whatever way they want. That said, this is soooo stupid.

First point, if you are going to sell something this way, you have to be sure that the audience you attract will be bigger than the audience you are likely to alienate. A TV ad running during the Superbowl is going to reach an awful lot of men. More importantly, it's going to reach an audience of easy-going, beer-drinking men who aren't easily offended. The audience for help-desk software is a bunch of mid-level executives and, whether they are easily offended themselves or not, they can't risk offending anyone. A mid-level executives entire life is about not giving anyone a reason to fire him or her. If he is a him, the last think in the world he wants his colleagues to associate him with a company that advertises this way. If she is a her, well, I don't need to explain the problem do I.

Second point, "I love 50 plus"! Seriously?

I hope the people who engineer their software are smarter than the people who do their advertising.

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