Friday, April 12, 2013

A Little Heavy Culture: Sonnerie de Ste Geneviève du Mont

For my money, this is the most erotic piece of music ever written.

PS: Sonnerie means the ringing of the bells and Sainte-Genevieve is a church in Paris. The bells are very nicely suggested by the Viola de Gamba in the opening.

That's your setting. It's morning in Paris and it's a cool day. You are in a hotel room in one of those little three-star Paris hotels and your bed almost fills the tiny room. There are two floor-to-ceiling casement windows in your room and one of these is open because it was so hot when you got into bed last night. The curtains are opaque and they shut out all the light except for what escapes around them. You are not alone but you have been the only one awake. You've been listening to the street sounds hoping your partner will awake and now the bells start.

Your partner rolls over at the sounds of the bells starting but then just lays there, not-quite-awake. You have been waiting for them to wake up a long time and your desire is so intense you can barely hold it back. But you do hold it back because you have to gently ease and urge them into a little morning lovemaking.

Or, if you prefer, turn it around and imagine you are the one just barely awake and your partner desperately wants you.

And ...

Take your time. Imagine the feel of the crisp sheets. Think of what it feels like to lie under warm covers in a cool room. Imagine the smell of the Café au lait the hotel staff have brought up. Think of the relentless pounding of the distant bells.

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