Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Yeah, I changed the name again

The old title, "Rum, Romanism and Rebellion" wasn't doing it for me anymore.

I cut my alcohol consumption way back twelve months ago. It was affecting my sleep. Only after I stopped did I realize that it also had quite an effect on my spending. A friend of mine in university once said, "The biggest problem with giving up drinking is figuring out what to do with the ten thousand dollars you'll save." He meant that as hyperbole and it is but you really have no idea how much money you spend on somethings until you quit.

My new approach to alcohol is less of better quality.

So much for a blog name that starts with "Rum" then.

I'm still a Catholic but I'm much less inclined to defend "Romanism" than I used to be. The Church thinks of authority as something given to her by God. As a consequence, while popes, bishops and priests usually (but not always) recognize that their exercise of authority is flawed, they can't imagine that they would ever lose that authority. The rest of us live in a world where authority is earned and must continually be re-earned or else it's lost. Given the appalling events of the last year, I am not willing to defend my church's claim to moral authority right now.

That leaves "Rebellion" and that was always ironic. I'm not a rebel by inclination or belief.

So I'm went with "Jules' Search for Virtue" which was the first title I came up with years ago when I started. It wasn't my first choice and I've never been really happy with it. It was the first option that Blogger didn't reject as already taken.


  1. Hey Jules. Popping by to say hi. Let me know if you come down to DC sometime and I'll buy you a drink (one of high quality).

    1. I'd love to. Alas, it is unlikely I'll be in DC. If ever, however ...