Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Women seem wicked ...

I was listening to a good Art of Charm podcast on connecting with people. Johnny Dzubak quoted a Doors lyric.
People are strange when you're a stranger
Faces look ugly when you're alone
It's a good point. Things look dark when you have to face a world where you don't have connections.

I immediately thought of the next couplet.
Women seem wicked when you're unwanted
Streets are uneven when you're down
A lot of misogyny comes from feeling unwanted.

The funny thing is that the judgment is not wrong. Women often are wicked for the simple reason that they are human beings and that is what human beings are. The facts don't change; our perspective changes. If you're secure in your social connections, including connections with women, you can be charitable when you discover some shameful thing a woman has done; you can see it as an ordinary human failing. When you're not secure in you social connections, when you feel alone and unwanted, you will see that very same action as proof of a woman's special wickedness.

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