Friday, February 24, 2017

Intelligence and morality

Found a great quote from Tucker Carlson:
Intelligence is not a moral category. That’s what I find a lot of people in my life assume. It’s not. God doesn’t care how smart you are, actually.
I've spent a lot of years hanging around people who study morality. Some of them study it directly in philosophy, theology and psychology. Others study it indirectly through subjects such as literature, art or politics. Most of them have interesting and some even have profound things to say about the human condition and how we should respond to it. But, for all that, they're not noticeably better than anyone else.

Morality is not usually a problem-solving exercise. Sometimes it is but only in the sense that lifeguards sometimes have to deal with shark attacks. Most of the time, the central problem of morality is not figuring out what to do. Most of the time the problem is actually doing the right thing. And anyone who has been paying attention will have noticed that most of us fail regularly.

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