Friday, January 31, 2014

A little light (Catholic) culture: self-awareness anyone?

This is hilarious. Stephen Schneck, director of The Catholic University of America's Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies, appears to know what the word "condescension" means; what he doesn't know is himself.
"The Catholic apologists for libertarianism -- and, sadly, there are a few who try to do this -- always begin with condescension."
 As the Lemon Girl, reading over my shoulder, just said, that is worthy of one of the more laughably despicable Jane Austen characters. Schneck doesn't just stoop to condescension here, he lays on his belly and squirms through it like a snake on his way to accusing others of it.

Schneck may be, how to put this gently, a conceited moron, but he isn't harmless. Notice that his fundamental attitude is that libertarian Catholics have no right to exist. He, like so many on the left today, wants to shut down dissent.

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