Thursday, November 7, 2013

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Gaius writes:
Maybe my least favorite part of the TLM is the fact that the scripture readings are sung in Latin. I know the Sanctus, the Credo, and the Gloria but there's no way I'm going to understand the Gospel reading sung in Latin.
That's a very good point. Even most people who have studied Latin could not follow the sung epistle and Gospel readings. Which defeats the point of having scripture readings in the Mass in the first place. We do this so that people can have the Word (capitalization intentional) fed to them through their ears. That is not achieved if everyone simply turns to the place in their missal where the translation is provided and reads along.

Now, critics of the current mass will rush in here to say that the reading at many Novus Ordo masses is so bad that it may as well be in Latin and that is true (no one should be reading along with the lector at Mass). But that is an issue of execution whereas it doesn't matter how well delivered the singing (or reading at a Low Mass) is at a Latin Mass.

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  1. I agree with Gaius too. The Gloria, Sanctus, and Credo are one thing, but the readings are something else altogether and I took Latin for 3 yrs in high school and 2 yrs in college many years ago. I have a friend in NYC in her 60s, she likes the TLM when she can find one because the "atmosphere" (her word) reminds her of going to Church as a child. She doesn't understand a word never having taken Latin, but that doesn't seem to bother her. So I think people like TLM for different reasons.