Friday, August 23, 2013

Another image: What are they selling

All by itself, this one is relatively anodyne.

The target for this, as I've noted previously, is young professional women who are no no hurry to get married. The photo emphasizes her independence from him. Further, his sunglasses make him a colder, less human figure. He's mostly an accessory in her life.

He isn't being dumped or sexually humiliated as in the two previous images we've seen in this series but he is little more than another charm on her bracelet. (It's the same two models in all these shots.)

Most people blame the advertiser or creative people for images like this but the basic truth here is that they wouldn't use this sort of thing if it didn't work. This is the way young professional women think nowadays. And they do it because they can. Perhaps I'll come back to this someday.

I'm off on vacation as of ... right now! Posting will inconsistent.

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