Friday, March 22, 2013

A little light culture: university sex weeks

Instapundit comments on the "sex week" being held at the capus where he teaches:
My only objection — besides noting that when I was in college, every week was sex week, and I don’t know what’s wrong with these kids today — is that the whole thing seems kind of lame and contrived, and so very derivative of what’s already been done repeatedly at other schools.
It is weird. Sex weeks for university students is a little like teaching fish to like water. Working out your sexuality is something that people tend to do, ah, naturally.

Here, for example (and courtesy of Wikipedia), is a sort of mission statement for one of these sex weeks:
Sex Week at Yale explores love, sex, intimacy and relationships by focusing on how sexuality is manifested in America, helping students to reconcile these issues in their own lives.
This is what people used to do by holding, hands, kissing, making out in cars, and, not incidentally, by watching others*. Why do we need a special week to tell university students to do something that human beings have needed no help doing for as long as there have been human beings.

My suspicion is that it is really happening because the nannies who love running other peoples lives for them who dominate at universities think that kids, left to their own, are coming up with the wrong answers. That is the modern liberal creed: Everyone is free to reach their own conclusions so long as they reach the "right" conclusions.

And there is hope a plenty in the fact that the nannies feel the need to push sex weeks in the hopes of molding young minds suggests that human nature is real and it stubbornly refuses to change.

* Just to be clear, I mean watching other people in normal human contexts and not voyeurism.

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