Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sorta political: What has Obama actually, you know, done?

I was writing a while ago of instances in which an adversary system creates a bizarre situation in which both sides have an interest in pushing the same lie. I think the election of Barrack Obama has created one of these. His supporters on the left have a powerful interest in portraying the guy as likely to do a lot and his detractors on the right as well. Both are doing so to keep up or stir up their base.

But if there is one thing that is becoming increasingly clear about Obama it is that he isn't much good at getting things done. Whether you like his policy ideas or not, he hasn't had any success implementing them. He didn't shut Guantanamo. He didn't change foreign policy or economic policy in any significant ways. If anything, he has merely made the [failed and failing] Bush doctrine more permanent.

And before you say, "What about Obamacare?" remember that he left it up to Congress to create and pass the legislation. He wasn't even an effective advocate for it.

And it looks increasingly like he isn't going to deliver on gun control either. 

The one area he has "achievements" in is in electoral strategy.  And given the sycophantic press, it's hard to credit him too much even there.

Really, Obama is a caretaker president like Eisenhower. He is presiding during a period in opposing party, which had dominated until recently, has run out of gas but in which there is no political support for what his side wants to do.

Which makes me wonder if we are living through another decade like the 1950s. A decade on which nothing much happens on the surface while huge shifts were beginning to take place deep in the foundations of our society.

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